Business Presence On Facebook

Facebook is considered reigning champ in the world of social media. Indeed, it has been around long enough for it to have been tried and tested and found to be a reliable platform that hardly crashes or becomes unavailable as well as remains a secured platform for people to express theirs owes and share messages with their loved ones. There are different tools that one can use if they wish to use Facebook as a consistent tool for marketing their business.


Many businesses set up a Facebook account for their business which comes as a free and versatile marketing tool. Indeed, even without taking up marketing packages that are available at nominal rates with Facebook, businesses can simply start by opening up a Facebook account in order to announce their online presence. This page can be easily shared with different businesses as well as contacts that are relevant. A Facebook page can help list product offerings, services, share links, posts, and images. These can be easily done without any web design expertise and that helps any business owner to use this platform easily without any professional help.

Of course, with some expertise in web marketing tactics and strategies, your Facebook can help promote the social aspect of your business in different ways. You can customize your business page on this platform to give it a certain character and personality as per the brand image you wish to project. When you have established colors and theme of your business, let the same features show up on your Facebook page. It will showcase the page as an extension of your brand or business.

The difference you need to create on the Facebook account of your business is to project a more human or social side so that customers and others can identify with what you sell, whether it is a concept, product or service. When you own a footwear business, posting shoes of a certain fashion or trends that you promote can help create a great appeal for your products. The posts you put up here can be teasers for potential customers as well as engage partners and present customers to know the latest offerings of your store.


Promotion Strategies On Facebook

Many businesses use Facebook as a promotion platform and that definitely works for many. Here are some pointers to get if you are new to Facebook and would like to use the platform for effective marketing and promotional requirements.

Promotion Strategies

Sharing links from business site

This is the basic function that you can start off with when you have just opened a business site on Facebook. For instance, any business page you design on Facebook can help you not only promote your business brand, theme and the main mission of your company but also share images of the latest happenings, products, and related information through posts, links, and videos.

Classic Ads

Facebook has its own ad offerings which appear on the side columns on the site. The classic ads, known as marketplace ads usually include a headline with an image, copy and could include a click through link. This could lead to your business Facebook page or to an external website. For example, you could send someone to your carpet cleaning Airdrie site right from the facebook ad as an example. There are easy ways to purchase ad space on Facebook. The social media company offers targeted placement of ads by understanding the right demographics who would be interested in your ads; setting ad budgets that would be feasible for you as well as allows you to monitor performance and measure effectiveness of the ads put up.

Promotion contests through Facebook

The other way of using a Facebook business account is to run contests or sweepstakes. These are marketing tactics that help drive up the audience to your business site as well as increase brand awareness. Even though people cannot make entries through your Facebook site, write answers in the comments section and so forth, businesses can tie up with a third party app to which users can be directed when they wish to take part in contests or campaigns put up on Facebook. Page owners on Facebook can pay a certain rate to ensure that their posts reach a fixed number of users. This promoted posts feature allows businesses to ensure that certain posts make a certain number of impressions or reach on this platform.

Sponsoring stories

This is a unique feature on Facebook that allows users to see the interactions with different users on a certain post published by a business. This is akin to word of mouth marketing that showcases how many people have liked or reacted to a post, shared it or commented on it. Advertisers can showcase likes which in turn encourages more likes from others. They can also show who all have claimed an offer and how they benefited and so forth.

These are some ways you can use Facebook marketing tools to promote and market your business which is helpful and effective as well for the marketing community.

Marketing Trends And Predictions For Facebook In 2017

One of the largest networks of social media, Facebook is known to host the second largest volume of online ads and its global revenue has crossed 23 billion by the end of 2016. Hence, as a medium for marketing and posting ads, Facebook still remains an important choice and a platform that is hard to ignore. If you are wondering what new trends have come into vogue this year, here are some key points to note.

Instagram is being used in collaboration with Facebook to bring about a story telling background to most ads and promotional campaigns. Instagram has been a competitor for Snapchat and today, it is an app associated with Facebook, offers another versatile platform for Facebook users to post images that not only showcase products or services but help to create a storytelling format.

Marketing Trends

Besides using images posted on Instagram and linking them to post on Facebook, you can also use videos that promise to give you a better reach. Video production as well as publishing the same has become easy on Facebook. Hence, instant videos that help state short stories in a compelling manner are the latest trend on Facebook. It engages viewers completely and at an emotional level. Even with a few minutes of effective storytelling, you can get your message across as well as create an intrigue among followers that leads to considerable build up and interest about your campaign.

Mobile marketing is also a growing platform for many ad users and that is another place that Facebook excels. The app works easily on most mobile platforms and is a social media that can provide instant updates on events that are followed or updates provided by any campaign that one has liked or shown interest in. If you want to ensure that your followers remain hooked 24/7, that is what comes with the mobile app on Facebook and your promotional campaigns and ads on it.

Customized audience reach is a distinct advantage on Facebook as any ad package you opt for will get your ad across to the right demographic section. This is a service that is done for most customers and helps to make you reach effective as well as the investment you make on this social media platform. You can easily create quick contests on this platform and followers would be engaged immediately, resulting in more traffic to your business site or responses to your campaign.


Use Facebook For Marketing Your Blog

If you have started a blog for which you want to get more exposure, using social media channels like Facebook can help you get the news out there about the posts you make. Blogs are usually about the social aspect of any business; you might be a professional chef who runs a blog on different recipes or certain cuisine offerings. You might have a separate account for your profession on Facebook or even a personal one where you connect with your relatives and friends. Social aspects of any business as posted on a blog usually catch the interest of people who follow you on Facebook.

How does it work?

Facebook is a place where people check news and happenings about the people they connect with or follow. If you have an account for your business or a personal account, you can use the same to promote the posts you make on your blog. If the topics are more relevant to your business partners or customers, you might want to create a separate official account for your business. Posting links to your latest blog publications will reveal topics of interest to your vendors, partners, and customers. They, in turn, can then forward or share these posts with others who they feel will profit or gain from such posts.

What do you need to achieve?

What you need from social media links and shares is a higher traffic to your blog. That should be the ultimate aim of the posts you publish or link to your Facebook account. One way of ensuring that you get interested readers to your blog is to be sure that you are reaching out to a relevant audience. If you have a personal account on Facebook where relatives and friends are present, they might be interested in visiting your blog and reading your posts. However, if your posts are promoting some product or service that they might not have any use for, this kind of traffic will not result in an increase of sale or inquire. Hence, you need to ensure that the share or the people who are seeing your posts on Facebook will have an interest in the topics you post about which might be linked to product or service sales through related portals.

The right links and associations will create a cascading effect and bring in a new audience to your blog as well as increase sales and profits.