Use Facebook For Marketing Your Blog


If you have started a blog for which you want to get more exposure, using social media channels like Facebook can help you get the news out there about the posts you make. Blogs are usually about the social aspect of any business; you might be a professional chef who runs a blog on different recipes or certain cuisine offerings. You might have a separate account for your profession on Facebook or even a personal one where you connect with your relatives and friends. Social aspects of any business as posted on a blog usually catch the interest of people who follow you on Facebook.

How does it work?

Facebook is a place where people check news and happenings about the people they connect with or follow. If you have an account for your business or a personal account, you can use the same to promote the posts you make on your blog. If the topics are more relevant to your business partners or customers, you might want to create a separate official account for your business. Posting links to your latest blog publications will reveal topics of interest to your vendors, partners, and customers. They, in turn, can then forward or share these posts with others who they feel will profit or gain from such posts.

What do you need to achieve?

What you need from social media links and shares is a higher traffic to your blog. That should be the ultimate aim of the posts you publish or link to your Facebook account. One way of ensuring that you get interested readers to your blog is to be sure that you are reaching out to a relevant audience. If you have a personal account on Facebook where relatives and friends are present, they might be interested in visiting your blog and reading your posts. However, if your posts are promoting some product or service that they might not have any use for, this kind of traffic will not result in an increase of sale or inquire. Hence, you need to ensure that the share or the people who are seeing your posts on Facebook will have an interest in the topics you post about which might be linked to product or service sales through related portals.

The right links and associations will create a cascading effect and bring in a new audience to your blog as well as increase sales and profits.